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Originally Posted by The_Doctor View Post
What a weasel scumbag you are farmhand! Blatantly ripping of the people who invested a lot of time and money to bring this information to the world.

You really should be ashamed of yourself! I hope you are prosecuted to the maxmimum extent of the law!

The Doctor
Please explain, I downloaded this info from the net, as far as I know it is open
to all. I make no money from it, nor do I claim it to be of my making.

I have no idea where it originated. Except from Cejka himself. Are you he ?

Is there some kind of protection on it ? How did it get on the net for me to
download with no protection warnings ?

If so then I would be happy to remove it. But I need to see some evidence of that.

Show me the protection rights and I will remove it.

And by the way. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will not hurt me.

Is it yours ? It would appear to contain works from many people. How can one person own it ?

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