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Originally Posted by pjotterkjen View Post
First of all I agree the working of the device is not what it at first seems the most logical explanation. The collector being the main distraction. In my opinion, this small plate does nothing more than shield the underlying components, and may pick up some very small signals to input to coil #006. But that's not the case. After having read other information, it becomes clear that the oscillation starts because of the special arrangements of coil #008 a/b and coil #006. Most likely the oscillation process is positively influenced by coil #004 / soft iron core #003, coils #013 and #015 with soft iron cores #014 and #016 together with resistor #017, and resonator #002.

Wire #005 and collector #001 are - in my opinion - an added distraction. The mystery is around #008 a/b and coil #006. A ring magnet must be added to the build. A big one that fits inside coil #008 a/b (3'' outer diameter, 2.5'' inner diameter, 2-2.5'' thickness, preferably alnico 5, polarization either diametrically or radial). Did you do that mikec_ut or are you planning to?


Finally, the coils a/b are part of the mystery to solve here. They must be wounded in a special way, possibly honeycomb, or basket, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are wound using a combination or even a different method.
This is why I'm going to concentrate around this part of the MK1/2 device and am sure to find out some real interesting stuff when I'm finally at the bench, testing.
The ring magnets that I have are 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" not big enough, the ID is a little narrow. The only reason I have not placed a ring magnet inside coil a/b is because I am have a mental problem with the weight of those magnets. The size your suggesting will almost consume the entire space within the coils. I build a/b in a basket weave (not honeycomb) and combined them on the same form (both coils interleaved together) with a 3" dia. it leaves no room for any ring magnet.

However, if coil a/b were 2 separate coils, one inside the other the height would be 1/2 the size and the combined coil could sit on the ring magnet. One of the combinations of coil design was to make the dual coil in a basket weave layer but honeycomb together to overlap the field that could be generated. There are just so many things to try.

I am still not sure about the ring magnet on the MK1. At the air force base where the construction was be made the MK2 was the model. Besides the new coils within coil a/b all the other parts were the same as MK1. We are still missing something. The 3" dia coil a/b that I made is only 2" in height, your ring magnet would be taller than the coil. I don't need to copy the MK1/2 I want to understand and just make something work. If the ring magnet will do the trick I am good with that.
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