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test with aluminum sheet

Hello to All,

Found interesting results with aluminum sheet in water.
1) connected wire to pos of #3 battery from aluminum sheet
2) placed car window motor across two neg not pos post
3) no lights on #3 to balance system

While I waited to see #3 drop in voltage and motor start, the primaries voltage started jumping 22 volts to 19 or 20 then back up to 22 again. I tested #2 primary and found it was the one.

So I connected 12vdc light (50 watt) to #3 and the motor started with a surge sound each time the voltage jumped in the primaries 1 and 2.

This happened for five minutes or so and charged the primaries up. But then would start to lose voltage. The #3 would hold around 2.8 volts.

Each time I turn off the motor, let the primary alum batteries sit, they return to 11 volts or so each. I don't recharge them. Then just connect motor and watch the same thing happen. Without light on #3.

Just curious to what you all thought. I did make a video and will post to YouTube later.