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I have heard it all now. Granite is born out of moisture. Its moist in the mountain, it cut out with moisture, its slabbed up with moisture and it polished with moisture. And moisture is trapped in it.

Its also NOT a solid color. Every part of it is translucent. The stain could be below the surface and give it all kinds of appearance. If you actually etched out the polished surface its because you got battery acid on it. Lemon juice left alone on a granite top will etch it out.

But more than likely if polishing didn't remove it it was moisture. And it went away eventually.

Like I said more housewives than I can count have complained about the same thing. Make a mountain out of a molehill. More of it because they think they are paying way to much for a maintenance free stone that will last forever and never blemish. LOL

Goto any granite shop and get a piece of waste and try it, you'll see Its just moisture.

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