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Originally Posted by LutherG View Post
Thanks Duncan,

Were there any photos of the granite work surface?

Many thanks,

I'm afraid not Luther Its pretty much as it sounds very much more concerned with the shagged work surface and now .. after days of polishing an years of use very little to be seen .It is exactly as it appears an off hand comment in passing that I grabbed hold of. I have asked the guy if a controlled experiment might be done with two batteries side by side one charged with magnetic current a'la George Wiseman and one charged with smoothed DC well its a big ask Luther isn't it? If I started telling you what to do I'm pretty sure I'd soon be shown the door. Still I think he's warming to the idea and also .. has some granite left! In the mean time if that stuff moves a compass or alters resistance ,, or ,, or
well it makes a world of difference doesn't it ? Anyway rest assured if it happens .. I'll tell you .
In the mean time it just might be a bit of the jig saw that matters. So I've reported it as is .
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