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Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
I'm running on a bit of a tangent as you all know .. still we are trying to boot the ball into the same net, so If I see something or its reported and I think it pertains .. I'll post . Such is the case in this regard . I did not know granite is radioactive .. neither did I Know it is magnetic . All that aside this was posted..

I know full well there are strange thing happening when an LA battery is being charged !! I got a serious ear bashing from my wife, when after a couple of days charging a battery on one of our Granite work surfaces, upon moving the battery the Granite had taken on the shape of the cell structure within !! And despite a whole day of re polishing there is still the faint outline !!

The pleasures of OU research !!

It may not mean much to you .. but it speaks volumes to me . I questioned the man, That occurred with a standard battery charger.
Thanks Duncan,

Were there any photos of the granite work surface?

Many thanks,

Electrostatic charges manipulating magneto-gravitic streams...