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still fun

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Yes, I took that post down. Now you're one of the few who will have that bit of info. Hope it helps. I have all kinds of things I need to test out before I am going to post anything more here. I have no desire to lead anyone down the wrong path as I have seen people do in other threads, where interested parties have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for something that isn't working.

I have always felt that the 3BGS was for the average guy, because it is simple to build and relatively inexpensive. I thought there would be thousands of folks trying it. I was wrong. It seems destined to slip to the back pages of this forum like a page 3 story in the newspaper.

But that's ok, because when those of who continue to work finally figure this out, we'll have our reward. It may not be flashy, but this sucker can put out the power. I have seen it. And once you have seen it, nobody can convince you otherwise.

Your guess is as good as mine about the aluminum plate. There are so many different variations of that idea that I decided to pull the comment so I don't send folks all down dead end tracks. If I run into a dead end, I really don't mind.
Still trying to enjoy this project, but the extreme cold here in southeast has slowed me to a standstill.

I understand your reason to remove the post. I did try the same set-up with same size plate. But, if you did something extra to the plate then would be easier to replicate. PM me if you want. If not I still will try this when time and weather allows.

Either way you decide is ok,
Thanks , wantomake