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Hendershot used:
* hand-made capacitors wrapped around a cylinder (coffee can at first, then stainless-steel (possibly ferromagnetic). Each cap was 7.8nF and tunable via C clamps. The caps may have had CARBON inside. There were 3 plates, 1 long, and two short. The terminals are connected to the 2 short ones. Fe shows drawn on one CAP in photo from 50s, implying iron
* 2 40uF caps
* 2 80uF caps
* 2 5to1 transformers (such as 120VAC to 24VAC)
* Largish horseshoe magnet (with 3 poles - Henderhost made a 3rd pole to rock metal bar)

It is easy to find FREE material -- NEVER EVER PAY for so called plans -- they are a rip-off and wrong.
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