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Originally Posted by owl View Post
I have recently made a first attempt to build a hendershot generator (using the info and schematics I found on the web. When complete it did not work. I have checked the capacitors and they are all OK. When I constructed the basket-coils I did not find solid copper wire insulated with PVC, therefore I had to use multicore copper wire. Also, as step-up transformers I only found toridal transformers 240 to 2x 24V. I connected the 2x24 in series to get 48V and I connected the transformers in the circuit the other way around, trying to use them as step-up. The bar magnet I used is very strong (rare earth magnet). Is anybody able to help me fault-find this construction ? Thanks.
Hello Owl. I are also bizzy with my version of the hendershot generator.
Much information about Free Energy i do have from Here is the Hendershot link: Hendershot
It seems to me that the right and the left side must be equal with echother. So not it will not work. So the circuit also cannot work.
There is also a yahoo techgroup with discussions about that Yahoo Groups Peter
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