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Questions needing Answers

Why are we working with Eric P Dollard material and devices?
Mine is a simple quest for 'Energy Synthesis' (ES) and probably all of the others will also agree and also to learn more about Tesla from the Master and with an eventual replacement for 'alternative electricity' that we don't have to pay for.

Would like to ask Eric about Carbon and what he knows of its ES ability as it was noted by Tesla as being the doorway to the 'Warmth Ether'.
I keep collecting the stuff here and a good source is the old Movie Projector rods made from Carbon/Copper sleeve.
Thinking of following dR-Green and Sputins, think Madhatter and Geometric Algebra were also moving along this line and going into a full blown CIG but using Carbon Anodes as in the original RCA 805, 813 type of Tube.

Would very much like to prove my Extra Coil theory but would like a profound response from Eric as to where the CIG is going to lead us.
Seeking direction here from the Professor to assist us in knowing what is possible in the future by following his lead.
It is not only the Quadrature learning curve we are involved with here but also the carrot at the end of the stick - where are you leading us?

Did some comparison tests between the Hertzian and Telluric propogation and was disappointed in that I saw no discrepancy and appear to be in an area where the EM signal is being dumped here into this locality by antenna design - Dipole.
This is supported by the simple 1N34 dual probe being used to easily pick the signal off the wire fenceline of the property.

Was going to install a 27' Alexanderson antenna but at the point here where we are looking at downsizing and now looking at something smaller that is capable of being transported easily and here we need to look at the Alexanderson system and see if that is not at all possible and can Eric assist in that area?
The Cross Field Antenna may be such an answer:

Crossed-Field AM Radio Transmission Antenna - 1/50 Wavelength Long; 100 kW

There is now considerable detail on the Inet on this antenna and would like to suggest that there are possible sychronicities with the Alexanderson system.
I know you are out there in the desert paddocks fiddling with the idle long line telephone systems but can't that be downsized into a convenient 10' cube or similar?
Talk of counter spatial or reactive elements and utilising both the distributed networks of Tesla and the lumped networks of Alexanderson - surely all of this cannot be reduced into a cube like the size of the CFA?
Nobody appears to understand how the CFA works and suggests strongly an association with both the distributed and lumped components and where the LMD and counterspace is very much involved like the Camp David and the Log Periodic Antenna.
The sole idea of utilising the 'counterspace' is working within a small area - the long line stuff can be achieved within the cube in 'counterspace'.
Am I making sense here?
Perhaps we are in need of a Fractal Antenna?
Tesla did part of it in a simple extended coil and now the Alexanderson 'counterspace' bit needs to be added in a convenient cube size.
As I see it.

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