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Ray Savant - Tech Zombie - Admitting name, etc. Aether Force

There is a lot of material that is about to be released that will shake you to the core as to who Ray Savant - Techzombie really is.

For now, I just want to post copies of private messages I got from him so you can see our conversations from the start.

You will see:

1. His name IS actually Ray (which he denied)

2. He claims his new name is Muhamed (which he has denied)

3. I've been promoting and helping to raise money for Eric Dollard with no strings attached since his donation links have were posted over the last few years. (which he denied)

4. Ray Savant came to me asking to help promote the Indiegogo campaign and I was more than happy to do it expecting nothing in return. (which he denied)

5. Ray Savant was given acknowledgement that I did sent out a promotion for Eric Dollard's Indiegogo campaign because I told him I did. (which he denied)

6. Ray Savant then claims that the campaign went viral completely ignoring the fact that it was my promotion that exploded the traffic. (which he denied)

7. Ray Savant acts like he didn't know I did anything - blames it on a lack of communication even though he asked me if it was true I sent out a mailing and I said I did and that I saw the money in the campaign increase - he tries to take credit for it in the campaign and only mentions my help after David Webster talked to him. (which he denied)

8. Ray Savant lied about sending me some request. He asked if I sent a mailing, I said I did, he then tries to take all the credit publicly for it going viral and makes up some story about getting his request. I didn't do this for recognition and didn't even expect my name being mentioned, but if he is going to give credit to whatever for the success of the campaign, it can't be a bunch of lies - it has to actually reflect what really happened and what really happened was that he came to me asking for help so I promoted the campaign to 10's of thousands of my subscribers who were kind enough to pitch in to make the campaign a success. Adam Bull was the other force behind much of the success of the campaign because of his promotions. Even Adam Bull was attacked by Ray Savant even though he selflessly gave a lot of effort in helping to make the campaign a success and I was contacted by many others who were attacked by Ray Savant Techzombie who all were trying to help Eric.

9. etc.

There are some major releases coming soon that will show the world who Ray Savant is. Some of the information was provided by people that used to be close friends of his who are so disgusted with him that they are speechless. Some of the information was provided by ex-girlfriends. Some of the information was provided by past business associates who distanced themselves from him because he gave them a bad name. And some of the information was provided by .

Ray Savant has also angered a lot of active duty and retired military (including a lot of combat Vets who you do NOT want to mess with including some Navy Seals), people in the energy community, and some that wish to remain Anonymous because of his campaign of lies.

Aaron Murakami

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