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I think the point elias is trying to make relates to economic hysteresis, the person to person equivalent of Dollard's energy synthesis. This is how banks create money. Lend out money and it comes back to you with interest, and use fractional reserve lending to turn one deposited dollar into 10 because each lent out dollar stays on the books as future income.

With respect to the original point of the thread, which is documenting AetherForce's misdeeds, I would like to point out they committed the heinous crime of selectively censoring Eric Dollard's work.

If you look at the copy of the "Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers" that they were handing out, their copy has the reference to laser action by Tesla transformers on page 2 simply deleted. The sentence trails off into the aether. Other copies of the same text have the reference preserved -- "A form of laser action may be possible."

What are they trying to hide?
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