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Originally Posted by future pather View Post
Yeah who knows?

Apparently there was a comet Negra that came 666 years ago in 1347 which was the start of the Black Plague.

This YouTube seems to be saying there are 333 and 666 year cycles with comets and that comet debree often brings disease, but I'm not sure the validity of it ALERT! Black Death and Comet ISON 333 Year Havoc Cycle Part 1 - YouTube
I'm sure you must have meant debris. And yes, this 47,000 mile diameter giant (4 to 5 times the size of Earth), which will approach our Sun at 3600 miles per hour and whip around the back side of the Sun and out into a near trajectory towards Earth (a near pass of around 40 million miles or less) at least doubling that speed, will be bringing along with it a massive debris field containing several large and smaller "moons" and numerous meteorites, as well as a very deadly mix of toxic compounds which include ammonia and cyanide. With a debris field "tail" measured at being roughly 2AU (two Astronomical Units, or roughly 186 million miles) it is a virtual certainty that we on Earth cannot possibly escape being immersed in this deadly cocktail. And if that isn't bad enough news then think about what it may mean if Nibiru/PlanetX/ISON 's massive gravitation effects on our planet cause Earth to go through a very likely and sudden (half hour or less) pole shift, alter its orbit, lose its moon, or worse. Whatever actually happens, it won't be changes that we would welcome. Those who breathed a sigh of relief, or laughed when the world as we know it did not end on December 21 of 2012, as they believed the Mayan calendar foretold, may well have been a bit early in celebrating. The Mayans understood the concept of zero, so it is quite logical to assume that the first year of their calendar was actually the year zero, rather than the year 1, which did not begin until 365 days had passed - in other words, zero years plus 365 days.
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