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If the writings are all shared already in public and given away as open
knowledge then I fail to see why any person cannot gather the information
freely provided and compile it then charge people to get the recompiled info.
Any "open source" software code or information can be sold by anyone, which
is common with many software packages. Some versions of Linux are
packaged and sold by different entities all using the same source code, or
core of data which was made open source for all to use as desired.

If Eric has shared the info already openly, then i fail to see why another cannot
compile a package and sell the package, the sale figure being for the trouble they
took to compile the info in a certain way. Some people may prefer the info
presented a different way than how it is presented by Eric's book or (compilation).

Is the info freely shared or is it not ? We are led to believe the info is freely
shared and therefore "open source". Which I think allows people to take the
info and present it in different packages or ways and charge for their trouble
and time it took to do it. The freely shared info predates any of the new
books for sale by anyone do they not ?

I'm making no claims to know exactly how things went down, but from what I
can gather TechZombie might be able to argue that he (TechZombie)
commissioned the lone pine writings. And without his participation it may not
have taken place the same way and the writings may not have been put
together in a concentrated form when they did if not for his involvement.


To me it seems Eric has made a clear statement that.

1) If you are here to get info from Eric to build a more energy out than in device then
you are here for the wrong reasons.

2) And Eric has stated that there is no (free energy fuse box), also that he
considers "Energy synthesis" a purely mathematical construct or concept.


Additionally I concede that TechZombie may well have had the intention right from the start to use the core info
already provided for free or the "lone pine writings to make money.


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