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Lightbulb Hotter?

Originally Posted by Slovenia View Post
Hi Wrtner,

Thanks for bringing Peter Davey to my mind again. I had forgotten about him. Is there any way to tune this with 120 volts as opposed to 220 volts? Thanks. I don't really want to experiment with electricity any hotter than I have to.

The BEST analysis of the function of the energy which we call ELECTRICITY is still the hydraulic analogy by Pr. Eric Laithwaite in England. I would recommend a viewing of his videos on youtube particularly 'The Circle of Magnetism'. You might also read some of the numerous articles on Mono-atomic Hydrogen and even my own postings on this site of this subject.
However good the DVD 'Battery Secrets' is, it is still incomplete. If you recharge any 12V cell/battery to 1.618 (Phi) of its original 'full' charge then you have the 'secret'.

As for the hydraulic analogy then Voltage is pressure and Amperage is volume. When you are using Tesla's (and Dollard's) Longitudinal electrical waveforms then as you increase the voltage (pressure) you will also increase the amperage (volume) and if done at resonance then the resistance becomes negligible and Ohm's law is no longer relevant. That's the 'big secret'. You can achieve a more efficient 'fuel cell' by including an AC capacitor (e.g. from an old microwave oven) connected to the 'hot' AC wire before the load.

Such is the simple answer to creating 'cold electricity'. It works for me.
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