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Originally Posted by **~Imhotep~** View Post
ive had some batteries that continued charging after they were removed. they would continue charging until they burst their seals. and as long as i wasnt drawing current off of them they would destroy themselves. ive also had a battery that is still giving off power and has not been charged since 2008. if u go all the way back in this thread you will find me mentioning in 2008 a clock that continues to run to this day with no signs of running out of energy. aaron had thought it had become an electret. so yes i have experienced some batteries that continue to produce energy. i dont know under what circumstances or what fan i used at the time so i dont know if i can reproduce those same results
I find a lot of the misnamed 'Free Energy' is merely the recombination of mono-atomic Hydrogen (H1) back to diatomic Hydrogen (H2). Since it only takes a charge of 103 cal/gram-mole to separate H2 to H1 and when the H1 recombines under normal environmental conditions it liberates 109,000 cal/gram-mole. This explains to heat, molecular 'agitation', pressure and 'free energy' that appears in the lead-acid battery.

This is explained in the book 'Occult Ether Physics' by William Lyne and is verified in the fifth edition of 'Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia' (1976). This particular explanation absolves the reasoning for exotic mathematical diatribe of 'quantum fluctuations', 'multi-dimensional energy penetrations and aggregation' and can be verified by well respected reference books which are freely available. You don't even have to tread the lesser known path of Bearden's 'Scalar Electromagnetism', Maxwell's 'Quaternion Algenbra', Heaviside and Stenmetz's slightly 'easier' math or the more esoteric theories of tesla and Eric Dollard.

As a former engineer who only got paid when you could actually physically manifest in this reality the fantasies of architects and design engineers the idea of a chemical hydrogen process gels much better with my sensibilities. I do have one request for your good self: Is there a larger fan that can be used instead of the normal 75mm computer fan as in your videos? I have currently ruined 5 such smaller fans since my soldering abilities are fairly basic and I don't possess the little hands and dextrous fingers of your missus. I AM the size of a Rugby fullback and my ham fisted attempts to replicate your device specifications is merely driving me to distraction. Any help here would be surely appreciated.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work and keep your head down when the G20 and the Aussie 'Police State' come to Brisbane next year.
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