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Ho'oponopono Healing to start?


I just found out about Paths. I was looking at doing the Ho-oponopono Healing to start with. But also saw people talking about the Synchronicity Module. Could I start with both? Would it be possible to have a few modules going at once for a newbie. Like the above two and one on money/business and the Successful Living Phase 1.

I should mention that I am trying to start a business after not being able to work for 4 years due to health issues that surgery just helped restore me to better health. I'm broke, loveless and frustrated.

Also I will be going on a 10 day meditation retreat at the end of the month (no access to computers or ipods etc) would it be ok to start PATHS now and just miss the 10 days and start again?

I have emailed PATHS but just wanting other peoples advice.


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