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Question Not quite accurate...

Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Sorry to burst your bubble, but when it comes to Ed Gray, there is no one who knows more about his real history than my friend Mark McKay. Mark has shared most of this research with me in computer files and long conversations. Over the last 5 years, Mark has quietly interviewed every living member of Gray's family who had knowledge of the technology, and every living person who ever worked with Gray on his technology. The real story is quite different than the generally believed "public version" of the story published in newspaper articles from the 1970's, but I assure you, it does not include "working in the WITTS lab".

This one, absurd and provably FALSE statement, should cause EVERYONE to seriously doubt the rest of these outrageous claims by "Sir Timothy" and WITTS. Any person who entertains the idea that Tesla, Stubblefield, Keely, and Meyer all needed help from WITTS to accomplish their technologies is, in my personal opinion, delusional in the extreme.

I first met Tim at a friend's house in Fort Worth, Texas in the mid-1990s. He never made any claims like this then, but he was famous for pumping people for information and never telling anyone anything! This experience, of being pumped by Tim, eventually became known in the underground vernacular as having been "THRAPPED"! To describe the experience to others, I coined the term "intellectual diode", where information goes in, but nothing comes back out.

Tim is famous alright, but not for ever showing an enlightened attitude of sharing his knowledge or of actually helping his fellow man.

You can believe whatever you want, but I don't believe ONE WORD that comes out of WITTS, or the newly Knighted "Sir Timothy". Tim has NEVER shown anyone I know that these technologies actually work, and that includes all the major players in the FE community.

That's my two cents,

By your own admission Peter (at least in what I believe to be your most informative lecture 'Free Energy' at the Keelynet conference all those years ago) you also mentioned Marvin Cole as the 'true' creator of the Edwin Gray device, or am I mistaken?

You may wish to upload the pdf of the Sussex University analysis by S. Gunnar Sandberg of the John Searl device and compare it with the Floyd Sweet 'Triode' which also used DC magnetization with a superimposed AC waveform as shown in your own video of that device. It's in response to the 'Searl SEG' thread on this site.

Keep putting out those great DVDs,

Cheers, Mark

PS - Whatever happened to Gerry Vassillatos and Jorge Resines?
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