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Superb Work!

Originally Posted by **~Imhotep~** View Post
Hi my name is Imhotep I will show you how to get free energy possibly for under 50 dollars from radio shack this unit will :

1 run inductive loads directly View video here

2 quick charge conditioned batteries. View Video Here

3 run resistive loads. Use Inverter and 12 volt batteries.

4 run capacitive loads !!caution!! SEE VIDEO FIRST PLEASE

5 charge unchargeable batteries : Ni-mh ,lead-acid, ni-cad, alkaline zinc carbon

6 you can build this unit in minutes

7 watch all videos, save them if you like. Share them if you like.

8 research all copyrighted materials and comply with all copyright laws

9 observe all warnings and precautions

10 build it now and possibly enjoy free energy

11 share your new knowledge

12 this is how done!! WATCH FINAL VIDEO HERE

Fantastic Job! Clear, concise and superior to any other mechanism (project) of similar type on the Internet.
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