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V. Palamara: Notes on Bill Greer

It took almost 47 years to prove Greer was jfk's real assassin. We know now the only one important thing Greer kept secret.

Greer retired in July 1966 after having undergone a stomach operation and Jackie Kennedy sent him a letter thanking him for being with the President until the end.
He said he "saw blood on Connally's shirt" and looked back only "one time", in direct contrast to the Zapruder film. He went on to say that he "didn't really see the President at all".
Said the Zapruder film "was proven legitimate".
Claimed to have not seen anyone on the triple overpass.
Regarding the assassination itself, Greer claimed that "we never stopped...there was no reason to need to stop." In regard to the direction of the shots, he said that "everyone was hit from the back was covered with it [debris from head shot]." When told that Connally has always insisted that he was hit with a different bullet than had hit JFK, Greer said "I feel that way, too. They [the Warren Commission] had lawyers working on it...these lawyers had already made up their mind". Greer also believed that the back wound [which he referred to as being in the "back of the shoulder"] did not go through and that that was also the first thought of the autopsy doctors in attendance.
Greer claimed he was "in the OPERATING ROOM at Parkland" [emphasis added] and stated that JFK's clothing "were in my custody from Parkland to Washington."
Greer denied that there was a hole in the limousine's windshield. He said there was only a "star"; a spidering crack.
Greer did not know why the photographers were out of their usual position in front of and close to JFK's limousine that fateful day in Dallas, but did not seem to regard this as suspicious.
Regarding agent Roy Kellerman, Greer said twice that he was "a very fine gentleman." Regarding President Kennedy, Greer said "He and I were pretty close friends. He treated me just wonderful."

Regarding William Manchester and his book "Death of a President", Greer said harshly "He's garbage...didn't like it at all", further commenting on Manchester's criticism concerning his age and reflexes behind the wheel [Greer thought that his experience was an advantage, coming from "years of experience" , and certainly not a disadvantage]. He went on to say that he thought that Jim Bishop's book ("The Day Kennedy Was Shot") was the best book of all regarding the events of November 22, 1963. (However, keep in mind that his comments were made in 1970)
Greer said, somewhat cryptically, "there's alot of things I know that no one else knows." (!)

Finally, Greer said that the Warren Commission closed up shop too soon and that "there might have been a conspiracy in another part of the country." [!!!]

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