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I forgot to mention, use white or clear etc plastic rods. Apparently to make black and grey they put carbon in it, so that won't be good.

Eric's design is different to Tesla's. Eric's theory involves concatenated resonance with the extra coil as a distributed network, whereas Tesla's is lumped. So it's completely experimental. I've tried 3 different extra coil variations, and Eric's latest comments on it was that the secondary might need to be of a lower inductance, so my latest design is a bit different. I have 17 turns secondary with 15% height to diameter ratio, and the extra coil, when calculating wavelength from frequency and speed of light, has 1.19 times longer wire length because of the "faster than light" propagation, wire length is extended to bring the frequency back down.

[edit] Probably the easiest way to find whether a radio station is operational and suitable or not is to use a radio. When you find one then you can find info on it on the internet.

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