Thread: Who killed JFK?
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There are no eyewitnesses who saw a hole on his face and if you can find one, there are forty who saw it on the opposite side. Of course the back of his head is gone in Zapruder. There is no debating that. The hole over the eye was altered in some way, but that's where it entered. The films are exactly what would be used in a debate, no doubt about that. That's exactly what I did successfully to the point of no challenge.

There's nothing blurry about the rear blow-out, the attempts to hide it, or skull detaching. It's perfectly clear and it matches an endless eyewitness count. The ficitious entrance wound that ain't on the rear has to be where the massive rear hole is, on the rear. The Commission Crazies can't go anywhere near the rear any longer, since the hole has been acknowledged. There is no longer any doubt about the rear exit, NONE.

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