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Here's an email exchange between Tyler Newcomb and myself in regards to an audio interview of Jean Hill acquired by them around 1971. Tyler is working to get some of this vintage audio online. I will keep you abreast of Tyler's progress unless he starts posting himself. Below is an excerpt from Tyler's foreword in Murder from Within which was republished in 2011. Jean Hill confirms more directly in this interview that there was a shot in the front of Jfk's limo and that is just icing on top of icing at this point.

The exact quote on the tape was "Yes" when asked…"But you do remember at least one shot from the front of the car"

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Creepy for sure, including Roy! What about that transcript of Jean Hill? Even just some of it. Are these from your interviews? Are they accurate?

Zapruder Film Shows JFK's Driver Firing Fatal Head Shot (August 7, 2007)

1. Mary Moorman - school teacher standing next to Jean Hill. She said she saw Greer shooting back but thought he was shooting back at the assassin. SOURCE: Warren Commission and taped interview by Fred Newcomb.

2. Jean Hill - Jean Hill saw what happened too, but when she tried to bring up the subject of a gun being fired in the car, Senator Arlen Spector (a 33rd degree Mason) would change the subject or say "it's time for a cup of coffee

Murder from Within: Lyndon Johnson's Plot Against President Kennedy: Fred T. Newcomb: 9781463422424: Books
During this time Dad (FRED NEWCOMB) and his two associates Gil Toff and Roy Dennis telephonically interviewed nearly 50 witnesses comprising 30 hours of tape. Many of these interviews became the basis for the book. One cannot listen to some of the Dallas Police officers interviewed (who smelled “gunpowder right there in the street” and heard shots “right next to me”) and not come away convinced there really was gunfire from within the motorcade. One cannot listen to 2 police officers stationed at Parkland Hospital who were standing next to the Limo and who each saw a bullet hole in the windshield and not become convinced of evidence tampering by the Secret Service.

Jean Hill saw Greer shoot Kennedy

She was just speculating that Greer was shooting back at whomever was shooting at the President. This was an easy way of saying it without exactly saying it. But in those moments she may have thought it because it would be shocking to see your President killed intentionally by the men who took an oath to protect him from assassination attempts. Mrs. Hill clearly turned to the left as the limo passed by in response to the shots and Greer suddenly braking during his second turn to execute the coup de grāce.

Testimony Of Mrs. Jean Lollis Hill

Mr. SPECTER - What occurred at the time of the fourth shot which you believe you heard?
Mrs. HILL - Well, at that time, of course, there was a pause and I took the other shots---about that time Mary grabbed me and was yelling and I had looked away from what was going on here and I thought, because I guess from the TV and movies, that it was Secret Service agents shooting back. To me, if somebody shoots at somebody they always shoot back and so I just thought that that's what it was and I thought, well, they are getting him and shooting back, you know; I didn't know.

Mr. SPECTER - Where was the President's car at the time you thought you heard the fourth shot?
Mrs. HILL - The motorcade came to almost a halt at the time the shots rang out, and I would say it was just approximately, if not---it couldn't have been in the same position, I'm sure it wasn't, but just a very, very short distance from where it had been. It was just almost stunned.
Mr. SPECTER - And how about the time of the fifth shot, where do you think the President's car was?
Mrs. HILL - That was during those shots, I think it wasn't any further than a few feet---further down.
Mr. SPECTER - Which shots, now---you mean the fourth, and perhaps the fifth and perhaps the sixth shot?
Mrs. HILL - Yes.

Mr. SPECTER - You thought that perhaps the second burst of shots you heard were being directed toward him by the Secret Service?

Mrs. HILL - I Just thought, "Oh, goodness, the Secret Service is shooting back."

Mr. SPECTER - What was your impression as to the source of the second group of shots which you have described as the fourth, perhaps the fifth, and perhaps the sixth shot?
Mrs. HILL - Well, nothing, except that I thought that they were fired by someone else.
Mr. SPECTER - And did you have any idea where they were coming from?
Mrs. HILL - No; as I said, I thought they were coming from the general direction of that knoll.
Mr. SPECTER - Well, did you think that the Secret Service was firing them from that knoll?
Mrs. HILL - I said I didn't know-I really don't.
Mr. SPECTER - You just had the general impression that shots were coming from the knoll?
Mrs. HILL - Yes.

Mr. SPECTER - And you had the general impression that the Secret Service was firing the second group of shots at the man who fired the first group of shots?
Mrs. HILL - That's right

Mr. SPECTER - But you had no specific impression as to the source of those shots?
Mrs. HILL - No.

Jean Hill was looking at the limo when Greer shot Jfk. FRAME 310.

Had the question been "from in front of the car or simply, in front of the car" that could certainly have meant somewhere outside of the car but those words weren't spoken. FROM THE FRONT OF THE CAR LEAVES DOUBT THAT HE MEANT INSIDE THE CAR. TAKE OUT FROM AND YOU HAVE, THE FRONT OF THE CAR. VERY SPECIFIC. The key word here is, the, instead of in.

I can think of two natural ways to word questions that indicate a shot from the front, but not from inside the car. Adding the word 'from' in the second question would be unnecessary because it could still mean in the car. That debate will never happen because Roy Dennis didn't say those words.

Do you recall at least one shot from the front?
Do you recall at least one shot in front of the car?

Roy Dennis: But ah, you do recall at least one shot from the front of the car? Vocaroo | Voice message

Jean Hill: Yes.

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