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What would this look like?

I have looked at this and done a bit of reading at the context and I don't really have a good feeling for where to start. I am thinking perhaps I should apply some of the functions and formulae that EPD has gathered and perhaps compute the size and other parameters of the necessary coils and capacitors? If someone would suggest some specific numbers and create an example of the calculations, that would seem like a helpful starting point. First, pick a typical AM frequency, such as that of your local 50 KVA AM station, and use that as an example. It seems we need to solve a simultaneous equation. There are two values for inductors and also two? values for capacitors. Then there is the actual circuit diagram. Again, I have a picture in my mind, but I'm not sure if it is right. If you want to post you sample data, my eyes are open. Thx.
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