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Originally Posted by LutherG View Post
Hi Sebastian,

What specifically is this challenge and where can I read up on it?

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Hi Luther,

The challenge is located amidst the jungle in this forum in Eric's posts as T-Rex.

Here is a short copy describing it:

"The objective here is to scale the “Crystal Set”, a step at a time, into a Tesla Transformer for the reception of medium wave band, 300 – 3000 kilocycle A.M. broadcasts. No license is required for this and the broadcast station provides the power.And this objective cooperates with the primary objective. That is; Who will be the first ham to disprove Einstein’s theory? An International contest, but who will sponsor it, Iran maybe?We have the good fortune in the “Crystal Set Initiative” that, in theory at least, a quarter wave A.M. broadcast tower, and its 120 quarter wave ground radials, must emit a pair of waves as shown by Tesla in his basic diagrams.

Hence it can be seen that a pair of waves are engendered by this transmission system. (Tower and Star Radials). One wave, Hertzian, is the over ground wave, the other wave, Telluric, is the under ground wave. These two waves arrive at the point of reception in their own distinct time frames, giving rise to a difference in phase. Hence, multiple rings of interference patterns are produced. Since the Hertzian portion, over ground, time frame is based upon the velocity of light, then the Telluric portion, under ground, time frame gives the Telluric velocity. Two crystal sets, one over ground, one under ground, and a basic oscilloscope , that simple. I have done this at Landers.Concluding, a Tesla Magnification Transformer, properly proportioned can, in theory, actually draw power from a local 50 kW station. Several hundred watts of power reception is likely. This would prove Tesla once and for all. No antenna, just a good ground, and a nice and bright 100 watt light bulb.This would overturn physics more than any billion dollar C.E.R.N. project. A ham radio operator overturns Einstein for 100 bucks. What a concept."

Tesla, “The True Wireless”
Tesla, “System of Concatenated Tuned Circuits”
Dollard, “System for the Transmission and Reception of Telluric Electric Waves”
A.R.R.L. “Radio Amatuers Handbook”. Chapter “H.F. Transmitters, & Tank Circuits”

Here is another link that has most of Eric's posts shortlisted:

Eric Dollard | Gestalt Reality

Hope this helps,

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