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The passenger retrieved the handgun Greer used on Kennedy, which is seen in frame 319 and around 30 earlier frames during which Greer transferred it to his left hand. Kellerman's head literally went face down toward the floorboard on the driver's side.

The passenger, Roy Kellerman reaches way to his left and retrieves the gun after jfk is assassinated. He apparently braced his left arm on the seat and grabbed the gun with his right hand. The arrows indicate his head and upper right arm. The only time in recorded history where a hair reflection fell off a head is in Zapruder frame 318. You can see his head go right down to the driver's side floor. Note the white seen in frame 320, confirming that it was not an artifact or shadow but something very real that could not be removed, apparently.
Zapruder Frames - Costella Combined Edit

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