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Originally Posted by Michael John Nunnerley View Post
In air, nitrogen exists as a molecule made of two atoms stuck together by an incredibly strong triple bond. "It is the strongest bond you can get between two atoms that are the same," that strength makes nitrogen gas N2 unreactive, as the bond is very difficult to break. But explosives and fertiliser start their life as "compounds" made of "nitrogen" and elements such as "oxygen and hydrogen", attached to each other by much weaker bonds. Less energy is needed to break these bonds, and once they are broken, atoms of nitrogen are free to form triple bonds with each other.

One triple bond releases much more energy when it forms than is needed to break the three single bonds that bind the nitrogen in the starting compound. "The point is that you are breaking weaker bonds and making a very strong bond,"

A second factor makes nitrogen compounds explosive: the newly formed nitrogen molecules form a gas, which can expand very quickly and form a shock wave.

Now you see why nitrogen is so important

Nitrogen is the way for obtain an great thermal energy. I have found an method for the creation of chemical plasma using just air and an lower amount of fuel. I'm able to make an great amount of heat including an magnetic field. Magnetic field=current.

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