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Eric Dollard Triumphs over failed Sabotage Attempt

Ray Savant is now buying video views for his youtube videos as well as likes and he is purchasing dislikes for some of my videos. It is a sad, sad existence to dedicate ones existence to being a pathological liar and psychopath.

We are very productive in getting all the speakers lectures out from the conference as well as doing our best to keep these live interviews coming. We are also productive in stopping a lot of Ray Savant's fraud such as his impersonation of Eric Dollard on Facebook, etc...

Ray Savant is in this for himself and always has been. He even admitted he is not doing this for Eric, he is doing it for "truth" and we all know what his "truth" is - his illegal pirated material website has the banned books of "truth" which had Adolf Hitler books (that he removed but it is still in google cache), etc... he has been pushing and his goal from the beginning, as ridiculous as it sounds, was to weaponize Tesla technology to wipe Israel from the map. It should be more than obvious who has psychological problems here.

If anyone wants to see who Ray Savant is and what happened to him - watch this movie: Mazes and Monsters (1982) (TV) - Plot Summary

Tom Hanks is a RPG (Role Playing Game) junkie who gets so wrapped up in the fantasy he can no longer distinguish the game from reality. He basically goes off the deep end. After talking to multiple people from Ray's past, this is basically what happened to Ray.

He is trapped in a RPG game where everything in his life revolves around hit points, "Level 99" this and that, etc... it is not just his theme - he is literally trapped in that world and his only solace is to continually feed his fantasies, which he is acting out by accusing me of suppressing information (which I actually own copyrights to) and accusing Eric of being on drugs, which anyone with any commons sense can see is not true.

Eric's announcement list is growing fast at Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage and Eric's conference presentation has done very well for him! Thank you to everyone that is sharing Eric's personal homepage - it is working very well. I see it is showing up and is being discussed in various other forums now so the word is spreading fast.
Aaron Murakami

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