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Ray Savant fraud

Now Ray Savant is trying to claim that Eric Dollard does not even own the copyrights to his own work!

Here are his claims summarized:

In regards to the copyright claims of Lone Pine Writings, that does not exist on any of the links mentioned. They were removed long ago.

In regards to the Theory of anti Relativity hosted on youtube. Youtube is the avenue for action and youtube rejected all his claims.

We would like to see documentation that Eric P Dollard does indeed own the copyrights to the lecture and to LonePine writings as it was transcirbed and published by others. Also the lecrure was record by others.

We also request documentation that Aaron Murakami is Eric P Dollard's offical legal representative as Eric Dollard has no internet access.

subsection ii
The video in question where defemation is claimed uses video footage of Eric Dollard himself.

subsection vi
No mention of Aetherforce is present in that video, hence the claim of self promotion is also baseless.


Indiegogo removed the campaign because of multiple violations of their own terms and conditions in addition to posting Eric's copyrighted material that Eric does not want Ray doing anything with.

Ray Savant perjures himself under penalty of perjury that Youtube has rejected all claims to remove Eric's copyrighted material.

Here are two examples:

Theory of Anti-Relativity - YouTube

Origin of Energy Synthesis - YouTube

So Ray Savant is caught lying about Youtube rejecting all claims to remove Eric's copyrighted material.

Here is what his youtube account looked like a few days ago:

Here is what it looks like now:

Now Ray Savant wants to see documentation that Eric Dollard is the copyright owner to his own work?

Here is what the law states about who owns the copyright: "Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright."

The Lone Pine Writings were posted right here in the forum originally and as soon as they were posted, Eric Dollard became a copyright owner since he created the work. The same applies to his Theory of Anti-Relativity. Ray Savant has never derived any rights to any of these works from Eric Dollard and he cannot show any contract proving that he did. The very fact that Eric is the author of these works is prima facie evidence that he is the copyright owner.

Ray Savant is obviously becoming more and more desperate by the day. When he has to as for documentation that Eric is the copyright owner to his own works, I don't know how much lower he can stoop.

David Webster volunteered to organize Eric's posts into a book form. That does not confer any copyright ownership to David or to anyone else. David has professed many times how he has simply volunteered to help Eric and that was it. All copyrights to these writings and lectures still remain with Eric unless a separate agreement exists extending copyrights to another individual or entity. This is all Copyright 101 that anyone can read right on the Federal Govt's Copyright Office website.

I am not a "legal representative" for Eric Dollard. Eric has simply stated repeatedly in audio and video interviews that he asked me to have his copyrighted material removed from Ray Savant's websites. This all started the moment Eric found out that Ray was selling Lone Pine Writings without his knowledge or consent. And as soon as it was requested to be removed (when Ray was selling it for $50 and Eric never received a penny), Ray started to give it away for free in completely open violation of the DMCA Takedown Notice.

Anyone can listen to these:
Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube
July 30, 2013 - Eric Dollard Live Interview by Peter Lindemann - YouTube
August 1, 2013 - Eric Dollard interviewed by Gary Hendershot Smart Scarecrow show - YouTube

And, Eric does want us to publish some of his copyrighted works so they can be used to raise funds for the lab. A & P Electronic Media therefore has publisher's copyrights and we can also enforce DMCA Takedown Notices for Eric's copyrighted material as well.

As far as violating subsection ii of Indiegogo's terms and conditions - Ray Savant is lying. Eric's statement about drugs is taken out of context by Ray and is used to make it look like Eric is a drug addict when he is not. That is defamation of character perpetrated by Ray and is NOT coming from Eric's own words.

For subsection vi of Indiegogo's terms and conditions - Ray Savant is lying. His false allegations propaganda videos promote Aether Farce.
Aaron Murakami

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