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Ray Savant - Level 99 Dungeon Master Wants You To Call Her

ATTN: Ray Savant - Techzombie - Muhamed (If you are in contact with Ray Savant - show him this message).

Your "big sister" the "Level 99 Dungeon Master" as you nicknamed her wants you to call. She has been looking for you for a long time.

You also need to read the letter her attorneys sent you so you can see exactly how many state and federal laws you are breaking and encouraging others to break. You are facing 7 figures in fines and damages in addition to mandatory federal prison time.

Every single person you are encouraging to knowingly break the law with copyrighted material owned by my company or anyone else is liable for $150,000 in civil damages PER INCIDENT and that doesn't even include federal fines. Why? Because it is being done WILLFULLY. You are effectively destroying people by having them play along with your charade and they do not even know they are taking on these liabilities. Every single one of their names are documented as are their actions and posts where they are joining in on the pirating of copyrighted presentations.

Many owners of many torrent sites are my friends and they have been removing the torrents when they learned what you are doing without DMCA's needed. Contrary to popular misconception, most do NOT want illegal material on their sites and if they are only a link/search directory, they do NOT want links to illegal material. This is not like the old days where it is hard to do anything about pirated material on torrents, they are virtually all forced to comply with international copyright laws now and they can no longer hide on some foreign server like they used to.

Anyway, she is willing to let you stay in her condo there in the LA area and will even send you a first class ticket and have someone pick you up at the airport. She cares about you a lot since you're like family to her and she just wants to see you get well.

You obviously do not need to respond to me directly - just give her a call - S _ _ _ _ _ T desperately wants you to speak to you right away. I also have photographs from her, of you that nobody has seen, if I need to show them as proof that she is indeed who I say she is.

I have been contacted by others in your past including business partners, co-actors, etc... and they also want to see you get well.
Aaron Murakami

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