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Dollard's personal donations account

Originally Posted by ZPDM View Post
I just stumbled on this morass, won't say I've done more then skim a part of it but I will offer a suggestion for a way forward.

Mr. Dollard needs his own Paypal account. All that needs to happen for this is for Mr. Dollar to go to a public library set-up an e-mail account, maybe with Google, and then register with Paypal. As I do suspect both Aaron and those involved with trying to set up a lab for Mr. Dollard are at heart very concerned about both Mr. Dollard's well-being and furthering his work I feel certain they will both go out of their way to publicize this paypal donation direct to Mr. Dollards account, while once the email account (be it whatever, say is known on these forums anyone with a paypal account can contribute directly to Mr. Dollard without worrying about any potentially meddlesome discussions or politicking. As both parties are very invested in their support of Mr. Dollard I can't imagine this wouldn't be something all couldn't get behind 100 percent. Will you prove me wrong?
David Webster has the old personal donations account and should give Eric the login info as well as the login info for the associated email account. It's the right thing to do. Then a new bank account can be associated with it, etc...
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