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Super grounding system

Hi everyone:
This posting for those of you who are serious about making a good grounding system. More than a year ago I wrote about it but I am now prepared to install one for my experiments. The material you need is called the Ground Enhancement Material or GEM 25A. A 25 lbs bag is needed for the installation. The company who makes it called ERICO, they are wholesale only and selling it for $34.40. From local supplier I could only get it if I paid a $100 minimum. So luckily I found a source on Ebay who sells it for $42 with free shipping, a pretty good deal. From ERICO's website you can download the necessary installation information. You will also need bare copper wire. I found #4 AWG solid, bare copper wire at Home Depot for $1.39/ft. I also checked on Ebay but it was much more expensive. Going with a larger copper wire may not worth it. According to one article on the internet if the diameter of the conductor is doubled one only gains about 10 Ohms.
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