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Originally Posted by energybat View Post
Hello All at energetic forum

My name is Geoffrey Miller and I have been following your form from the beginning. I have been working with electricity for over 45 years, at this point after seeing what has been happening on the free energy forms I have now decided to show some of the projects that Iíve been working on.

This is first time officially Iím going public with some of my work, on a free energy website. ( I did a test on one other free energy site about four or five days ago and about 6 months ago)

Over the years Iíve met a lot of the key free energy people and have worked with them behind-the-scenes. I have two websites for everybody to take a look at.

The first website is a new patented product that I invented to be sold in the marketplace to bring in a cash flow to allow me continue to work at my lab so I can bring out a New type of generator that will run your home independently of the grid system.

The financial people decided to withdraw funding at the production level for the new product roll out at Home Depot. At that point I lost my living quarters, cars, trucks and everything else. Iíve been living out of my car and taking showers at a friendís house for the past eight months.

Iíve relocated my lab and started to get back to work on some key projects that will produce cold electricity and hot electricity for home use and transmission of electricity through the earth.

At this point Iím considering putting the information into the hands of everybody in an open source way!

I think after Mr. Eric Dollard's situation that has occurred I want to let people know that there is hope for device that will work in your home and provide electricity for yourself and your family.

Iíve duplicated Mr. Dollard's work back in the 1980s and Iíve gone past it and have duplicated other experimenters work as well, my reference library has over 8,000 books / videos and papers.

Iíve also duplicated other peopleís work to see whether their devices worked or did not work.

My definition of duplicating a personís device or experiment is to build it! And to see whether it works or not, it is that simple.

Iíve also duplicated ALL of Mr. Teslaís Colorado Springs tests, and have built his equipment. see project #5

My Laboratory dimensions that I rent are 25í wide x 25í high x 40í long, two floors I also have two 40í cargo containers filled with equipment.

My workday is as follows, four hours working at a five dollar job in the morning to pay for gas, and the some of the lab rent. And then working the rest of the day and night at the lab seven days a week.

I am not married and do not have the responsibilities of a family to attend too.

My main goal is to bring out a device that will run your electrical needs for your home or shop and car.And to deliver plans, pictures and video of a device running.

Please take a look at the two websites below I am taking a huge security risk at this point, but it is time.

Note: The website has only about 6 work hours building it, it will have more projects added to it, I just wanted to get this information out on this website.

Website #1:
Website #2:

Any questions please give me a call at 215-910-1193

Thank you and have fun!

Geoffrey Miller
holy nice work buddy, and you were actually doing some building with John Searl !?
i cant wait to see your Magnifier in action
looks like you have some epic videos coming up, im interested
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