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Originally Posted by Tenaus View Post
There is simply a different definition of the words used. Unless I misunderstand, and the electric field of which Eric refers to is not the EM field.

No, I don't believe that because of this there are so little discoveries. That is like saying those who speak Latin are smarter because they are more original than us, and they speak Latin. There is a different understanding to two different things between Eric's and Physic's ideas of the dielectric field, and this is partly what causes their mediocrity.
Hi Tenaus. Sorry if i confused your query. I went back and read your original post more closely. Not sure that i understand Eric's exact proposition as you've stated it, or if i'm qualified to answer the question at all. lol With out context of his statement, i can only assume Eric meant dielectric field? So i'm no help on that issue either. :P Is this a common assertion of his?

In speaking about BEMF and typical circuit engineering, its my feeling that the our understanding of the dielectric field is critical component in the utilization BEMF (common concept i think). I guess that is all i meant to say.

Hope i didn't distract from your point.
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