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The Virtual DOT-NEM

Hi all,

Some may have noticed the recent interview on Solomon Radio when Eric Dollard made some pretty unbelievable statements, such as suggesting there was possibly a concerted and organised effort to ruin his reputation on the interwebs, in what Eric Dollard referred to as the "dot nem" via tele-link. Eric Dollard declared the latest activity a "premeditated", "character assassination campaign" against him and I have to say that I was shocked. Whilst I was initially skeptical of the extremity of such a statement, I am now seeing some very strange activity on youtube which makes me concerned as now it is becoming evident, and it would seem to support such a statement as has been made. That seems to be a concerted effort against Eric Dollard and also anyone associating with him, such as myself interviewing him! Really?

Adam Bull interviews Eric Dollard on Solomon Radio - YouTube

Friendly "I want to Help Eric" Comments appear from what Eric Dollard refers to the DOT NEM that is the dot nemesis.

Upon inspection there appeared to be two individuals with intent, concerted and negative interest in the interview I did with Eric. These 2 accounts were "michel fishel" and "Dog Lapp" respectively, but what is the most interesting thing of all is that these accounts were registered on the same day. July 26 2013. Not only that but the only two people to post defamatory comments on my eric dollard interview replied to eachothers posts as well! and on frequent occasion! Well I'll be damned! It's the Virtual DOT NEM!!

This is not even an organised disinformation campaign. As "they" are now quite significantly caught out! Whoever they may be and whatever is trying to be achieved by this I want "them" to know that I am watching and I can track this sort of behaviour. And to think I ever doubted Aaron.

This is shocking, and really is "suppression in real time". At the very least an organised character assassination with phoney youtube accounts registered for the express means to do this very thing. Sorry I ever doubted you Aaron, Eric. You both actually have my sincere apologies.

I recommend Aaron and everybody else receiving these abusive messages from "friends" of Eric Dollard check the offending users youtube join date, and you may be surprised, to learn that these "DOT NEM users" are more of a dot nem organisation, as I suspect you will find the same phoney youtube account pattern that I have identified and am now currently tracking forensically, as it now seems perfectly and evidently clear to me that at least 2 of these virtual name accounts are being used to defame Eric Dollard. And are of questionable validity, that is to say when they have been identified by myself as aformentioned to be abusive botnets, for the express means of slander, registered on the same date and interacting with eachother, it becomes what we used to classify on our defense network as "suspicious".

I wonder who is controlling them. Is there more of these dummy/phoney/bot youtube accounts? we'll see. Are individual youtube account holders registering aditional accounts to help the DOT NEM master? Not sure yet!

I have a background in defense and penetration testing so I have to say that I am really disappointed with the effort of the propaganda gang, whomever they are, they should know that their time is limited in a world where each account, comment, address and join date is logged and recordable via WGET. And this apparently detected construction of the synthetic virtual bot army has many downfalls, particularly when discovered to be what it is. As no corporate, residential or commerical customer can be fooled once the gag is known. Nothing more than a massive virtual 1984 novel that has been transcribed onto the internets by the dot nem master himself with his slave bot army.

Dare the dot nem interact in an intellectual capacity?

Why bother to convey intelligence, when barbar can be so effective! Why indeed! I know let's help ourselves to Eric! And crucify anyone who speaks about it. Why bother with the intellectual capacity when you can create a new fictional story that your virtual dot nem bots can participate in.

Indeed - the case is made - why bother! The Dot NEM circus has no limits to it's conveyance of "intelligence",

Just sayin'

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