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I don't know if Eric will be around to answer your question Tenaus. As far as Versors vs Phasors, I don't know what he would say there. However you can't really call the dielectric field the electromagnetic field as it absolutely is defined as only one part of the electromagnetic field and propagates in a completely different way than than its counter part, the magnetic field.
Sorry, you misunderstand me (or I screwed up when typing, which is common). I understand what the dielectric field is.

So breaking down the distinction of the dielectric force within the electromagnetic field would be ignoring half of the equation in my opinion.
Yes it would be, however, I'm not saying they forget it entirely. They just define the terms differently. This is how it works:

Eric's Terms | Physic's Terms

Dielectric field = Electric field / Electro-static field

Electric field = Electromagnetic field

I think the fact that contemporary physicists simply wish to just refer to dielectric field AS the electric field altogether, might serve as an explanation for why so few discoveries are actually made within that contemporary realm as well as their inability to consider utilizing the BEMF component of electricity (generally speaking). I'm pretty sure if Eric is referring to the dielectric, he means the dielectric implicitly and not a pseudonym for electricity in general.
There is simply a different definition of the words used. Unless I misunderstand, and the electric field of which Eric refers to is not the EM field.

No, I don't believe that because of this there are so little discoveries. That is like saying those who speak Latin are smarter because they are more original than us, and they speak Latin. There is a different understanding to two different things between Eric's and Physic's ideas of the dielectric field, and this is partly what causes their mediocrity.
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