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Eric Dollard Interviewed by Adam Bull on Solomon Radio

Hello everyone. I decided it was a good idea to find out what Eric Dollard had to say, and listen to his thoughts some. So I interviewed him via telephone-link on the Solomon Radio show. Please find the video and summary below! In this interview Eric speaks about the very rich life he has experienced as an electrician and diverse engineering experience at R.C.A, Navy, Bell Labs, etc.

Adam Bull interviews Eric Dollard on Solomon Radio - YouTube


Earlier in the studio we interviewed by telelink a very special
guest exclusively and it is none other than Eric Dollard himself.
An R.C.A electrician, transmission linesman, also a Bell Labs scientist and Navy Engineer Eric is renowned as being practically the next Tesla.

And on this show Eric is going to be speaking for the first time about his most recent advances in electrical engineering theory, as well as the other side of radio and electrical history. Many people will be surprised in this interview as Eric reveals many amazing things. Dollard is the next Tesla and the stories he has to tell and events that he has witnessed and endured are rich and revealing in their details of importance.

Eric Dollards work form a part of an electrical and radio history that an international cabal have wanted to keep secret in the interest of their own. Eric has shared all of his work freely for decades and has taught us all so very much. Eric has an official website now at Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage and Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity by Eric Dollard and needs our help, that is donations to continue contributing with his new presentations, lectures, and book titles, as well as finishing his designs and patents for the brilliant and miraculous technology such as the Cosmic Induction Generator and the Cosmic Ray Detector. Eric speaks with me about Einstein's relativity, radio corporation america, Marconi wireless, the multiple loaded flat top antenna, the velocity of waves and an incredible amount more. Eric talks and proves yet again that as soon as we think we know something about the nature of electricity we are told that we know nothing at all. For instance it might not just be faster than light pi/2 * C discharges of Wheatstone and Tesla that raise the hearts pulse but in fact electricity and radio might not have a velocity at all. That would certainly be the most significant claim by any real scientist or engineer I have ever heard, and what is different about Eric Dollard is for the last 2 decades he has been producing and demonstrating the Tesla machinery to to himself, his friends and the public and he has ultimately paid the price for dedicating himself to create this important knowledge.

This interview is certainly one not to miss for any R.C.A or Navy Engineer, but it will also be very helpful for any amateur electrician, layman or free energy researcher. Certainly we are left with the sobering idea that electricity may not have a velocity. Shocking. Most shocking, indeed.

Thanks DE N6KPH ERIC DOLLARD for being kind enough to take time to talk with me on the telephone about his work I for the benefit of many other researchers. I can say for us all that we appreciate you continuing these transmissions and under potentially hard circumstances, and we are looking forward to the forwarding of the CRD (Cosmic Ray Detector) and CSI (Crystal Set Initiative) here at the energetic forum. I remain confident with the objective engineers recreating this work here such as Dr-green, David Dawson, geometric algebra, madhatter and the other dedicated scientists & engineers on this forum the recreation of the non electromagnetic non hertzian non velocity free-space tesla transmission system remains a certainty! Like a tap awaiting the first turn from the first plumbing man learnt of it. Or the first well driller. The cosmos is a very large place, and Eric Dollard with his experience and philosophically wide vision reminds us all, in the way we expect T-Rex to always live up. And in this interview, boy does Eric live up to his knowledge, education , intelligence and Witt.

I am now hoping that a co-operative effort can continue, and one which has Eric Dollard's approval, since I do believe the whole point of this thread is to help Eric with his work, as a scientist, engineer and human being.

What the Interviewer "Adam Bull" had to say:

My respect to all who have helped Eric with their time, money or donations. I hope they can continue helping Eric! Eric clearly is a genius - and has encountered in his deeper history very significantly traumatic events - that is to say from people whom do not appreciate the genius that is Eric.

For them I am sorry - if those people understood the true importance of the work and the credibility of Eric Dollards' scientific experiments and objectivity, they would limit their help to positively engaging endeavors, that is to attempt facilitate his work any way they could. I for one believe that his man holds the new golden age of electricity, in the same manner that Nikola Tesla did. What else could possibly be more important than that? Hopefully Eric Dollard not a kind of Teslian history repeating, and more can be done to get Eric's important math and science knowledge out to the wider public, without for instance, the same distraction that has held back modern science for about 10,000 years. The resistive force.

See the interview at: Adam Bull interviews Eric Dollard on Solomon Radio - YouTube

Thanks again,


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