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purpose of this thread

Originally Posted by logos View Post
i've NEVER launched an attack aaron, and i'm telling you, no, i'm pleading with you; please stop these counter-productive threads...
Many people donated $36000 or so to Eric's campaign. They deserve not only answers but a way to ask questions because it all needs to be accountable. It was done under false pretenses that Eric was going to rebuild WardenClyffe, the money was going to build a CIG, etc... when in fact, most of that money went to repairing the building and it still doesn't even have electrical outlets in it. Ray made claims that Eric would give a hand written letter to anyone donating $100 and the first time Eric ever heard of this was in the last 1 week.

Anytime I get an email with someone asking me what is going on, I'm going to give them a link to this thread so they can ask the question publicly and once something is answered, I don't have to answer it anymore.

So far, the only posts here have been the opposite of what the stated purpose of this thread is.

People have a right to ask questions so this thread will remain open.
Aaron Murakami

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