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I know I wasn't going to come back here but Aaron I really had to laugh at your reply to Garrett. I have been waiting to see more of this situation pan out to tell it how I see it an I believe I have seen enough. I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt after my initial post, listening to more of what you had to say. I've now seen enough.

You're saying others are accusing you of things but here you are throwing accusations like Garrett being some kinda of disinfo agent trying to mislead people, what a load of garbage. He is not any form of moderator so the only posts he could remove are his own and unless you claim some sort of ownership over what he writes my word he should be able to delete what he wants, he is the author. We both know that Garrett deleted his posts because he wasn't confident he was correct in some of his assumptions. He was actually doing the opposite of what you claim. I'm sure a reason you're really locking the threads is because you'd hate for the T-Rex posts to disappear but now you've got your finger in the mix you've turned on Dave Webster who was the one that had access to Eric's account, now effectively you have it so you have taken control of T-Rex posts which I think is probably the motivating factor behind your actions in this saga.

It seems that Eric only gets profits if the video is bought through the ericpdollard domain, this again shows your intentions. On this youtube video, hosted on your youtube, it can be seen that in the video description the following can be found:
Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage - 100% of the proceeds from the sales from that page go to Eric's work at his lab.
Found here:

I also note that you have mentioned at other times that he gets either 60 or 70%, so which is it? I am aware of the way businessmen talk, they are very careful with their wording. So on what other pages can people buy this video/book Aaron? I know of at least one, How much does Eric get from these other links and how much do you make? Please state this publically. Dave Webster worked out of his own good will. His actions made his intentions clear, he needed no words. Your actions are speaking louder than your words an your intentions are crystal clear and I am sure Eric will come to realize, if he hasn't already.

Anyone who has disagreed with you in any way you have tried to destory, that is your biggest flaw Aaron. Everything you say must be oh so correct but really alot of what you're doing is twisting truths. Sure there might have been a problem with the EPD lab crew but sure seems to me like you've made a mountain out of a molehill. You're very much a part in how high this escalated and if you are upset at the harrasment please get it through your head that this has a lot to do with how you handle situations, this does applies to both parties.

You will ban me and you will say that I support TechZombie just like you've claimed Garrett done, which you know is an absolute lie btw since he stated his feelings in a post:
Aaron I will say this quite clearly, I do not like you. Furthermore, I absolutely do not approve of the way you handled the various situations surrounding Eric P Dollard. Likewise, the same sentiment applies to Ray with regards to the "video" he recently made available.
Mud slinging is all I see here, and you are the King of the mud fight, with Ray coming in second.
Clearly he is not siding with Ray as you claim and you replied to it so clearly you must have seen it and you say others are lying? I see right through what you're doing. You're trying to smear as much **** on Ray as you can and then try and throw everyone that could fault what you're doing in the cage you threw Ray in to try and destroy them by association. I do not condone many things Ray has done in this saga including the severity of the attack upon yourself which did just worsen things but again I will say you bring a lot of this on yourself by the way you handle things and I certainly don't agree with the way you've attacked Ray either. You're both adults, start acting like it for God's sake.

To think this started with an 'abusive email'. Mate honestly if that is the most abusive email you get from someone then I'd be happy. Maybe Dave shouldn't have sent the email but you are honestly jumping up and down crying like a little girl over spilt milk. We both know this is just for show though don't we.

I also wonder what Eric would think of you saying things about Garrett like that. I have heard people mention on many occasions that Eric has said having Garrett on the forum is a great assett to the topic so you're nearly saying that Eric is trying to mislead people without even knowning it, I think Eric is more an authority on these topics than yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, Garrett deleted posts because he was worried they would mislead people if his assumptions weren't correct. Twisted truths are apparent here too.

Goodbye to the people on here at the energeticforum who I have enjoyed very much collaborating with.

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