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Why Keep This Farcical "Dog and Pony Show" Going?


Give it a rest! You merely make yourself look more pathetic by each new forum post you feverishly squeeze out. (seems like you've been drinking too much of your own Kool-Aid--ASEA anyone?) I can only see yourself being motivated by money--why else would you go on a pointless crusade to break up EPD Labs. You even attacked Tom Brown of all people, why? Yeah, there might have been some minor problems with the EPD Labs arrangement--though you figuratively blow them out of proportion like "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. If Eric would address his own problems he wouldn't have needed you as a Cheerleader running a Cheertatorship, vicariously handing out his judgment from a keyboard rooftop. You seem vehemently opposed to a Cheerocracy, where problems could have been resolved peacefully, without bloodshed or mudslinging. The Cheeronciquences of your actions have netted nearly nothing good--though you claim all is well. Maybe for your business, but not for everyone else.

It's plain to see, for those that have "eyes to see", what your intent is. This will be my final ado with the nonsense that keeps on coming from your mouth. Though not on amicable terms, which is regrettable, I bid thee a good and welcome farewell.
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