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Somethings Rotten In Denmark!!

Having watched the accusations from EPD Labs(etal.) and finding almost every category of speculation expressed from each individual, who has posted here concerning, Mr. Dollard and EPD Labs(etal.) an almost palpable sense of frustration one way or another. It should not be a surprise that a number of followers have chosen to opt-out of the thread/forum.

However, if you don't like loose ends, an≈≈d, something just doesn't smell rite to you, like myself, may I suggest a different approach/way of evaluating the information before us. Stepping back and taking a breath is a good start. For me, a three part question, (Who-What-Why) amounts to a fresh and simple paradigm. Someone else might choose a different paradigm(s) depending on how they see it. My goal, is clearer insight, by-passing all polarizing rhetoric.

To answer the first part of the question- ( Who ), I need to determine who to look AT. Should I include everyone, no-one, certain individuals, those piling on, those checking out, etc,..., and so on? Or could it be as simple as who's essential. Mr. Dollard in my estimation is the only one that fits the bill here; "End of Story," "Drop The Curtain," "The Fat Lady Has Sung." If anyone harbors the illusion that anything is salvageable of the present situation; well enough said, at this point; polarizing comments offer nothing to me. As this post reflects my personal attempt to frame for my own thought what has transpired, any other conclusion I would view as not being truthful here.

Alienation/complete break between Mr. Dollard and EPD Labs(etal.) answers the second part of my question ( What ). Easy enough!

And now the most delicate part of this knot...... But on second thought I'll end this post here. Preferring to view cogent, rational, and coherent input; only relevant(ie.; new perspective/paradigm shift) to the third part of my question ( Why ).
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