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Arrow Eric Dollard - answer to false allegations 2

13. While Eric was here finishing up with getting the final car parts he needs to keep his car in good running shape, finishing going thru the parts at the warehouses, etc., he finds out that Techz is selling his Lone Pine book without permission and doesn't want Techz to have anything to do with it. And he is also told over the phone that Ray Savant (Techz) was going to be put on the board of directors whether he liked it or not. That was their response to Eric wanting one of his closest associates on the board. That way, they retain majority vote and Eric has no say-so in his own organization. That was the last straw and Eric's last course of action to get Ray out of his life once and for all is to publicly denounce him. All the private attempts failed and were only met with retaliation by Ray and others. I decide to back Eric because of several incidents with Techz showed me that he is a troublemaker behind the scenes and will only lead to the downfall of Eric Dollard. All that transpired here:

Look at the last 20-30 posts in that thread - I closed this thread so nobody can change or edit posts anymore. However, I do post new items in there as new evidence is discovered about certain individuals.

Anyway, Ray attacks me in that thread as being up here manipulating Eric and that is why Eric is posting that his lab is being hi-jacked when anyone that actually is paying attention can clearly see that it has been an issue way before I ever personally met Eric.

14. In response to Techz's bogus allegations against me, Eric denounces Techzombie on a phone interview I had with him: Eric Dollard Interview EXPOSING RAY SAVANT "Techzombie" - YouTube

15. Techz then posts a video claiming I'm sabotaging Eric and am getting him hooked on meth and that is why he is denouncing Techz. At this point, anyone that believes that load of garbage is incapable of rational thought. Techz posts some testimonials against by me a few past members who are jaded because I banned them.

15.5 Here is my response to one of them -they are the real liars and disinformation agents - I don't just make claims I prove it.
Edward Mitchel - Disinformation Agent Exposed - H20power H2opower - YouTube
Edward Mitchell Part 2 - EXPOSED - misinformation agent - YouTube
You can see I'm the one really trying to get the real info out and the people giving testimonials are the ones that actually are suppressing the real info with their lies.

16. Eric wanted his material off of Techz's site and I told Eric I knew how to get his book removed from Techz's site so he asked me to do it. I submitted DMCA takedown notices to get copyrighted material of Eric's removed and a picture of me from a copyrighted interview.

17. Techz takes his own site down to hide his Adolf Hitler and other nazi books and uses the DMCA takedown notices as an excuse to take it down and hide this. He is a pro-Hitler radical that wants to weaponize Tesla technology to destroy Israel. Yes, literally - that won't happen in our lifetime, but you can see the unstable pathology we're dealing with here - he is a liar, nothing more nothing less. He then puts his site back up posting the DMCA takedown notices as being bogus. He is committed many misdemeanors and multiple felonies.

18. To address Techz's bogus copyright issues, I do another phone interview with Eric do debunk the lies: Eric Dollard Debunks Techzombie's Suppression Hoax - YouTube

19. The list goes on and Techz and his Aether FARCE posts another video making more false allegations against myself and Eric by creatively editing video out of context to brainwash people who are stupid enough to fall for his lies. He is guilty of impersonating Eric on the original Aether Farce Facebook page and illegally posts Eric's most recent presentation from the conference in an attempt to sabotage Eric's ability to raise funds.

20. Watch these two more recent interviews of Eric with Peter Lindemann and with Gary Hendershot.

July 30, 2013 - Eric Dollard Live Interview by Peter Lindemann - YouTube
August 1, 2013 - Eric Dollard interviewed by Gary Hendershot Smart Scarecrow show - YouTube

You can listen to Eric discuss the recent allegations and fraud committed by Techz towards the ends of the interviews.

I have since been contacted by many people that tried to donate money or help Eric in other ways and Techz returns the favor by also attacking and slandering them.

more to come...

This thread is open to comment, but again, accusations based on Techz's lies will be deleted and users banned. If you cannot go look at the FACTS that are documented in all references given, you are obviously not looking for the truth and are here to cause trouble.

To anyone that has sincere questions about this, feel free to post them and they will be answered.

Techzombie has lost big on this one. He has a big mouth and is just making noise right now attracting people that are naive and gullible to his lies. When they see that Techz is the one that has actually been behind the plan to sabotage Eric and kick him out of his own organization, I believe they will rally together to support Eric and will denounce Techz as the liar and fraud that he is.

Support Eric by spreading his official homepage: Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage

Thank you all for the support that you have shown Eric and I during this most disruptive time. We both appreciate it greatly!
Aaron Murakami

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