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Arrow Eric Dollard - False Allegations by Techzombie Ray Savant "Muhamed"


The Ray Savant (Techzombie) thread is closed to prevent people from changing their story. This thread will be open for discussion of these events as there are many people that have questions. Any false allegations in this thread will be deleted and users will be banned. All the proof that Techzombie's videos are nothing but disinformation are already proven with indisputable facts.

Here is a basic chronology of events, but first understand that Techzombie is Ray Savant and he goes by "Muhamed"

1. Techz registers without Eric's permission and makes claims on that site that can get Eric in trouble.

2. Eric gets Techz to come to where he is at so he can get Techz to knock off the false claims and Techz agrees. Techz films some Lone Pine videos to help promote some fund raising efforts for Eric non-profit. Around this time, Techz asks for my help to promote the Indegogo campaign and I do. The traffic from my promotions make the traffic accelerate more than it ever has and the money started to come fast. Techz makes a false claim that the campaign went viral, when in fact, it didn't go viral at all - it was my promotions. So, Techz was trying to take credit for something that I did and Webster even agreed it was from my promotions.

3. Techz starts to make a bunch of misleading and false claims online again that can get Eric in trouble - (the list goes on and on and all of Eric's closest associates - a man that does the actual work for Eric and someone else that is on the board of directors are all in agreement with Eric that Techz needs to get out of Eric's life because he is a troublemaker).

4. Eric gets into some altercations with Techz and Techz personally threatens Eric to his face. There was also an altercation with another individual who claims it was a misunderstanding, but behind Eric's back, these people reveal to one of Eric's closest associates their plan is to kick Eric out of his own organization later so that John Polakowski can do the work. John Polakowski was not told this to his face so he actually had no knowledge of this plan until later on.

5. I invite Eric Dollard so be a speaker at my conference and he comes to Spokane. I help him get some new tires for his car, wheels aligned, etc. and I help him build a powerpoint with about 150 slides, which he is to use for his talk. I also connect him with a friend of mine that has several warehouses of old rare electrical parts and Eric was free to choose what he wanted to take to the lab. There were thousands of pounds of equipment worth many thousands of dollars that were set in a corner for Eric to have shipped down to this lab by the "Glommeister" who is on the board of directors of the non-profit that nobody ever talks about. He goes back down to the bush to use the printed out powerpoint to write his notes.

6. While Eric was working on his notes, he expresses to me the trouble and trust issues that exist with Techz and others. Originally, I was going to make payment to Eric for the presentation sales to his lab as a fund raiser, but after hearing what Eric had to say and a few others that Eric put me in touch with, it was very clear that Techz and others had their own agenda.

7. I could not in good conscious send money to the non-profit. So I contacted David Webster and made it very clear that all money from Eric's involvement with the conference must only go to his personal donations account (the account that Webster managed). Webster agreed. When money goes to that account, then Eric can decide what money can go to the lab's operating expenses. Webster asked if he could come to the conference just so that Eric could have a familiar face there and John Polakowski asked the same - so I gave them both free guest passes as guests of a speaker.

8. About 3 days before the conference, Eric came back up to Spokane and stayed with me so we could finalize the powerpoint for the presentation and get a new brake caliper and other parts for his car. On the first day of the conference (Friday, June 28th) Eric follows me out there with his car and stays with me 2 nights in a hotel nearby.

9. Eric gives his presentation as the final talk on Sunday afternoon. At the end of the conference, Webster ask for donations for the lab - going against what we discussed but I actually didn't learn that he did ask for lab money until a few days later. I heard Webster say something about taking credit cards on his phone and I told people or if they had cash, they can just give it directly to Eric. I forgot to ask Peter to mention donations during the introduction to Eric's talk and when I heard Webster mention credit cards, that reminded me. You can hear this on this 30 second video and when I ask for cash donations for Eric, Webster says, "That works too!"
YouTube Also, anyone with any kind of common sense can see that Eric is clearly not using Meth.

10. Two days after the conference, I get an email attack from Webster accusing me of sabotaging his efforts to raise funds for the lab when in actuality, he was one one that was out of line because it was made very clear to him, and he agreed, that all money from the conference was to go directly to Eric's personal donations account. That was to the the case until the non-profit was set straight and Eric could trust everyone that was involved. Remember - it isn't just Eric that has these issues with these people like Ray, etc. it is two of Eric's closest associates and one of them is even on the board of directors! So everyone saying this is Eric just being hard to work with are narrow minded and are only focusing on a fraction of the facts and don't even know what actually was happening behind the scenes.

11. The day after the email attack from both him and Techz, which were completely disrespectful, out of line and were going against what Webster had agreed to, I got a message to Eric where he was staying at this time, which was a bit out of town. Eric called Webster and was told that all the donations that he received were not supposed to be his money but the lab's. Webster told me originally he agreed that money from the conference would go to Eric's personal account, but behind the scenes, he is trying to take the money from Eric and put it into the lab's account. Eric isn't against the lab getting money since it does need operating capital, but until the NPO (non profit organization) is set straight with only people Eric and his other associates trust, the money cannot go into the NPO's hands.

12. During this time after the conference, a friend and I help Eric go through more parts at the warehouse and I even personally sorted through THOUSANDS of old rare tubes with Eric's guidance of what to look for. And about 4 days after the email attack from Webster and Techz, I do this interview with Eric: Eric Dollard Interview July 6, 2013 - YouTube (audio with pictures) or Eric Dollard Video Interview - YouTube (video) - again, anyone with any kind of common sense can clearly see that Eric is not on Meth. AND, you hear me speak highly of Webster and Polakowski and I even promote the Aether FARCE website despite the attacks from Webster and Techz several days before. I have done nothing but help support Eric and the lab and have zero motive to want to sabotage anything. It is most beneficial for everyone to have a strong alliance (my publishing business and the non-profit) because if the non-profit promoted Eric's talk from the conference, that would raise money for them. I have less effort to produce the same results. I do not currently have nor have I ever had any desire to be a part of the non-profit because it makes no sense - it is easier for me to simply promote their fund raising campaigns and publish some of Eric's work, which can be used as a fund raiser for the lab. It is no more complicated than that.

FYI - look at a few of these videos - WARNING - these are not pretty so do not watch these if you are sensitive. These vids are what people actually do act like when they're on meth: skip to half way

I think you all get the point. Anyone that believes Eric has been on meth while he was at the lab, while he was with me in Spokane, at the conference or even afterward has to be on meth themselves. Go look at that clip at the end of the conference, Eric is completely straight, cognizant and in good humor and he is calm and collected during my interview of him under the trees. He is acting completely normal, relaxed and very mentally sharp. And you see this same pattern of completely normal drug free behavior in the later interviews with Peter Lindemann and Gary Hendershot (Smart Scarecrow show) and one further interview yet to be released with someone else.
Aaron Murakami

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