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Phony claims and Arch Aether Mage :)

I talked to Eric yesterday and mentioned this "Personal Letter from Eric" promise by Techzombie through the Indegogo campaign. Guess what? Yesterday was the FIRST TIME Eric ever heard about this!

Eric has written HUNDREDS of letters personally to people that write him at his Lone Pine address FOR FREE for the last few years and sending $100 is NOT a requirement. This is just another example of false and misleading fraud perpetrated by Techzombie (Ray Savant).

64 people donated $100 and that really did help to go to the lab to fix the bldg, etc..., but 64 people are also being led to believe that a $100 donation will get them a letter when hundreds of people already have received hand written letters from Eric without requiring any donation at all.

Look below at the Arch Aether Mage Reference - it is important and will come into play at the right time to show something else with Keychests in another particular folder. I can't say what it is, but you'll be quite surprised!

Aaron Murakami