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Arrow Eric Dollard Live


The letter has circulated to almost 100,000 people already because a couple friends shared it with their newsletter subscribers!

If you want to hear Eric Dollard LIVE - sign up at Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage - the instructions for logging in to see that interview will be sent out on that list.

A few people have surfaced from Ray Savant's past and more information will be forthcoming about people's lives who he tried to destroy when they stood up against him. Looks like I'm not the only one!

I don't have to say much more about Ray Savant because his lies are starting to collapse in all around him and he is completely helpless. The fuse is already lit. The only way he can maintain the facade is by making it a full time job creating more lies and he will have to stay wrapped up with that instead of doing anything else with his life - and if he ever stops creating these lies, the TRUTH will envelop him. He is being chased by a pack of wild Coyotes and if he ever stops running, he will be eaten alive.

I apologize to everyone for such an aggressive campaign against the very man who is trying to destroy Eric Dollard, but it was very, very necessary. I have been exposing corruption for the last 24 years and I'm not about to quit.

Until then, I hope you will all listen in LIVE to Eric Dollard this coming Tuesday! It should be quite informative!
Aaron Murakami