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Aaron, I think what the EPD Lab crew is saying is. You can have Eric, he's all your's.

Or Eric is all his own, I think they want out, deciscion made. That is how I see it. Most sane people will
see there is a point where, it's best to just cut the losses and back out. A situation with
no winners can have that effect.

I just hope Eric can do something himself because I doubt he will ever get many people
to work with him. I know I wouldn't take it.

I'd like to know if I can donate directly to David Wittekind, so he can be less adversly affected
financially at least. Who else thinks we should strike up a donating fund for David Wittekind.
The other Dave has some relationship patching to do, I hope it works out for him we
can't donate to help with that.

Lets rally around the one most adversly affected. I think he will appreciate the help at least.
He seems like a genuinely good man, with a huge heart.
I would prefer people like him over free energy any day.