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very important point!

Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
This is ridiculous.

TechZombie's video is nothing more than a bunch of highly edited clips taken out of context. It also contains a couple of spelling errors and shows his lack of both editing skill and apparent care for the english language. He claims to have stayed up three days straight to make it. Wonder how he managed to avoid sleep for that long...

If truth were his objective, then he'd post the full video clips to provide context for the quotes.

Seems pretty obvious that Eric's side of the story is supported by the events of the recent past, while Techz's story has shifted and altered as Eric's opinion of him became known.
Also seems pretty obvious that he was taking advantage of the fact that Eric is not chained to a computer like most of us.
You bring up a VERY IMPORTANT point - Ray Savant needs to be challenged to show the video unedited without all his hyped up garbage added to it. That will show the truth.
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