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For those who would require proof that the energy is transmitted through the earth;

Earth rods are set at a distance of 16cm and 43cm apart, observe signal output level at receiver at each point. Coils are approx 7.2 metres apart. The ground is soaked so the signal can also be picked up in the area around the transmitter earth rod even when the receiver is not connected to the earth through another rod; the wire to the receiver consists of many crocodile leads connected together and had been out in the wind and rain so is relatively well grounded that way, also the position of the wire lying on the ground with respect to the transmitter earth rod has an effect (not shown).

The 17 turn secondary coil is used alone, no extra coil. 30cm diameter flat spiral coil is used as receiver. Audio output is via crystal earpiece attached in front of the camera's mic. The coke can behind the variable condenser plates is the pickup.

Input to single turn primary coil is just under +/-0.7V
F = 3670 kc
L = 0.66ÁH approx
Primary impedance approx = 15 ohms (2Pi*F*L)
I = V/R = 46.6mA
Power = 32.6mW peak

Test tone = C5 = 523.251 cycles/sec

Nikola Tesla Telluric Wireless Transmission Of Energy - YouTube

What do you know, Tesla was right after all. And so was Eric.

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