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Originally Posted by artoj View Post
Hi dR-Green
Excellent diagram that helps to show the diagrammatic and mathematical evolution of a simple wave. I have a similar diagram that shows the first 4(decay) of 8 transient wave types, the other 4(growth) (not shown)are in reverse order.
Excellent diagram yourself, thanks for posting. Is there a mathematical expression that would allow one to plot that waveform on a graph in some software such as Matlab? Or more specifically, I would like to plot the impulse wave accurately.

Originally Posted by artoj View Post
When designing complex oscillating and resonant circuits these waves are all that is required to understand what is occurring. Other wave types such as triangle waves, square waves, square wave pulse forms are only complex Fourier additions of these 8 wave types. This is the wonderful knowledge Eric has brought from the past for all of us to use as tools to improve our understanding. I recognized these forms immediately as they correlate to my experience as well, something that can only be gained by a long and fruitful understand from decades of building equipment and research where true knowledge has been harvested and used in a practical way.

(Quotes from Anti-relativity video)
As Eric has quoted many times:
"Build Teslas devices just as he described in his writings and you will get all these effects."
Eric adds Quote:
"I have duplicated nearly every Tesla experiment, in fact I am very famous for being the only person who has ever duplicated Teslas experiments"
Importantly Eric Quotes:
"It is not because I am smart or I talk to space aliens, what it is, I don't make any improvements on the historic study, it is that simple. I do exactly as instructed and it all works exactly as claimed"

This is completely accurate, build as per Tesla and you will learn and understand the meaning of his experiments.

Anybody can speculate, the burden of proof is on the speculator not on the claimant as the march of history has removed his defense, only those who are brave enough will teach themselves as Eric Dollard has done. Eric is an easy target for jibes that try to discredit his work, it is easier to accept the current over complex and corporate version of electrical paradigm than to try to figure out a simpler and more engineerable version on your own.

Five things to success in a Tesla build,
1 Use the materials Tesla had at the time
2 Make no improvements at all
3 Make you own capacitors and switching devices from scratch
4 Your measuring equipment must be also pre 20 century
5 Figure out all your parameters with a ruler, pencil, paper and you own mind(no computer)

This is how I would approach the situation, only after you have done the 5 simple steps hundreds of times in a 10 year period would anyone be qualified to enter into a dialog with Eric Dollard about Tesla and electrical engineering. Regards Arto.
Yes I would agree with that, the experiment is most important, but unfortunately I was useless with maths in school and I only have a couple of years experience with any of this. I'm a musician if anything and I find that helps a lot with the practical and intuitive side, but not so much in discussions about electrical engineering. Nonetheless I think that things are coming along...

"Knowledge is cosmic. It does not evolve or unfold in man. Man unfolds to an awareness of it. He gradually discovers it." - Walter Russell

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