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Originally Posted by T-rex View Post
In this movie, the Martian Aliens are shown announcing over their loud speakers, "We are your friends," while incinerating every Earthling in sight.

Yes indeed, they have come to help (themselves to) Eric again.

This is Round 9, and through the miracle of the internem, it will be a glorious episode, never publicly seen before. I find it fascinating and expect a wonderful adventure ahead.

As Tesla said, "Feel the excitement coming!"

Stand by.
im a little slow, and just reading old posts and putting 1+1 together..

im just learning that T-Rex is..... Eric?

it is an honour to think you are reading these posts, and want to support any way i can.

im all for you being independent, not crowded, and i hope that if you read my posts that you would know that i would defend you from so called "invaders"

if the link in your signature is the one you approve, i am going to start sending$, i just hope the Canadian dollar (American peso )amounts to something on the conversion
In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities.
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